White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes
White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes
White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes
White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes
White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes
White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes
White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes

White Silver Ultimate Cycling Shoes

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Unparalleled power transfer for all your explosive sprints and short, out of the saddle power bursts. In comparison to the EXCEED and AIR we have built in extra stiffness into the carbon fibre chassis. And we are not afraid to show it off – more exposed carbon fibre that highlights the unique handmade fabrication methods that are applied in the ULTIMATE.

Professionals ride over 30.000 kilometers per year hence the world tour peloton is the ultimate testing ground for high-end performance products. For the 2021 season Nimbl is the choice of over 25 world class athletes that have sought new levels of performance through their shoes. Greg van Avermaet, rider of the AG2R Citroën team is one of them. The Olympic champion is known to be demanding on his equipment and approached Nimbl to see whether we could jointly develop a new benchmark for power transfer, comfort and most importantly fit. The result of this development process: the ULTIMATE.

The basis of the Ultimate is our improved proprietary monocoque carbon chassis. The exposed carbon visibly underlines that the construction and assembly of our shoes is fundamentally different to all other mainstream brands.

As a man of details, Greg also had great influence on the design of the Launch edition of the ULTIMATE. The base of the design is majestically white microfiber upper finished with a white BOA® Fit System. Logically a golden touch is applied to an otherwise understated white design to match the rest of Greg’s kit. The result? You be the judge of that.

At a very low weight of barely 200 grams the ULTIMATEs combine a very good fit with an ultra-stiff and stable carbon platform. At each new test sample, I felt my feedback was truly translated into improvement. When visiting the factory I witnessed the passion and craftsmanship that the nimbl crew put into the manual production of each pair of shoes. I truly believe that the nimbl ULTIMATEs present a new level of cycling shoe performance. Greg van Avermaet

Product Detail:

  • Approximate weight: 200 Gram (Size 42)
  • Cleat pattern: three bolt clear pattern fits all major pedal platform
  • Upper: white microfiber, supported with mesh and memory foam
  • Lining: black  microfiber
  • Insole: Eva
  • Closure system: dual side mounted BOA® fit system LI2 – Micro-adjustable premium aluminum dial.
  • Sole guard: replaceable heel cap fixed with internally recessed screws.

  • Size Chart:

    To determine the correct shoe size the following steps must be followed:

    1. Take a clean sheet of paper and a pen
    2. Trace the shape of your foot entirely
    3. Mark the bottom and top-end of your feet to determine the actual length of your foot in millimeters accurate
    4. Take a measurement tape and measure both the width and the length
    5. Repeat this procedure for your other foot as well
    6. Check our Sizing Table for the correct shoe size

    If there is a length difference between your feet:

  • The shoe size corresponding to your largest foot is the correct one.
  • In case of a length difference > 3mm, please contact to our customer service to consult how to select the correct size.

  • EU Size US Size Inner sole length in cm Width toe box
    37 22,8 8,50
    38 23,6 8,70
    39 5 24,2 8,90
    40 6 24,8 9,10
    40,5 6,5 25,1 9,10
    41 7 25,5 9,20
    41,5 7,5 25,8 9,20
    42 8 26,3 9,35
    42,5 8,5 26,6 9,35
    43 9 26,9 9,55
    43,5 9,5 27,2 9,55
    44 10 27,5 9,70
    44,5 10,5 27,8 9,70
    45 11 28,1 9,85
    45,5 11,5 28,5 9,85
    46 12 28,8 10,00
    46,5 12,5 29,1 10,00
    47 13 29,4 10,30
    47,5 13,5 29,8 10,30
    48 14 30,1 10,50
    48,5 14,5 30,5 10,50
    49 15 30,9 10,75
    49,5 15,5 31,2 10,75
    50 16 31,6 10,90