Tattico Bluetooth® Mini-Pump
Tattico Bluetooth® Mini-Pump
Tattico Bluetooth® Mini-Pump

Tattico Bluetooth® Mini-Pump

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An air pump with Bluetooth? Wireless pumping? This is not yet possible! But technical progress can not be stopped. While pumping with the Silca Tattico you can always check the air pressure on your smartphone.

Silca has been thinking about how to make the right tire pressure during a tour or race, in case of a breakdown. Manual manometers on the air pump are often difficult to read, usually very inaccurate or increase the packing size of the pump. Therefore, the engineers came up with the idea of ??wirelessly transferring the information to the smartphone. With the help of the iGauge app, which is available for Android and Apple in the respective store, can be easily pumped to the desired pressure.
The connection between the pump and the valve is made by a tube approx. 14 cm long by means of a clamping lever. This prevents damage during the inflation process. Changing the valve type, between Presta and Schrader valves, is possible by simply turning the adapter over.
The SILCA Hattico air pump comes with a matching holder for the bottle holder. In these, the air pump is clamped and additionally secured with a rubber trap.

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum 6061 / plastic
Length: 24 cm
Pressure: up to 8.2 bar / 120 psi
Compatibility: Presta / Schrader valve
Color: Black

Weight: 160 g without holder, 176 g with holder

Scope of supply: 1x SILCA Tattico Bluetooth® air pump + holder for bottle cage screws

Note: The illustrated smartphone is for illustrative purposes only and is not included.